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We create Social Media Campaigns, Recruitment-automation,
AI chatbots, Websites, Online shops, Education Platforms, Rebranding & More. 

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We creëren socialmediacampagnes, recruitmentautomatisering, wervingscampagnes, AI-chatbots, voice-bots, websites, online winkels, e-learningplatforms, rebranding en meer.
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Online marketing, kandidaten, website, wervingscampagnes, klanten.
Asset 5 | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting
Asset 4 | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting
Online marketing, kandidaten, website, wervingscampagnes, klanten.

About Trustee Media

Linking Businesses, Connecting Talents

We help companies like yours find the best talents through modern recruitment strategies and social media campaigns. Our superpower? We find from 1 to 500 top talents per week, giving your company a fresh look and building your strong employer brand.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Increase Your Social Worth

Our Services

Recruitment Strategy

Introducing our innovative, effective, proprietary method for sourcing job candidates through social media. Our results speak volumes - up to 500 precisely targeted CVs weekly for job agency sectors.

Social Media Strategy

We build, manage, and elevate social media channels like TikTok, IG, FB, and YT, ensuring your brand stands out in the digital crowd. Let's shape your online presence for maximum impact!


More than websites – we create online stores and educational platforms too. Let's make your online presence stand out!"


Level up your online presence with our SEO magic. We make sure your website shines on search engines, getting you noticed where it matters. Let's skyrocket your visibility!

Graphics / Animations

We create animations, presentations, graphics, and videos to boost your brand. Let's make your content pop online!

Reservation systems

Let's fix it! Our booking system makes everything happen automatically, so you can relax."


Ready for a change? When a new idea comes knocking, it's time for a fresh look. Let us plan it out for you!

For Recruitment

Say goodbye to manual chats! Our chatbots handle the first talks for you. Keep your customers happy with a 24/7 service, always ready to assist.

For Small Businesses

Say goodbye to manual chats! Our chatbots handle the first talks for you. Keep your customers happy with a 24/7 service, always ready to assist.

Email Marketing

Stay connected effortlessly with our email marketing! Engage your audience, promote your brand, and watch your business grow. Let's make your emails work wonders!

Trusted by Many Company

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Why Choose Us

The Right Decision for Your Marketing Strategy

Professional Team

Graphic designers, marketing strategists, webmasters, programmers - working together to make your recruitment and branding standout with creativity and skill.

Years Experience

5 years of experience made us pioneers in recruitment marketing – leading the way with expertise and innovation.

Success Guaranteed

At Trustee Media, we proudly assure you of success – it's not just a promise, it's our commitment to delivering outstanding results for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how Trustee Media can transform your recruitment and branding experience? Explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for clear insights into our processes, services, and the innovative solutions we provide.

No, we don't recruit employees directly. We specialize in crafting recruitment campaigns that bring in up to 500 potential candidates to your system. We handle automatic pre-selection, providing your team with ready-to-use leads (contacts) and comprehensive candidate dossiers.

We initiate the pre-selection process through our recruitment campaign. Once a candidate engages with the campaign, they are directed to a communication channel, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, or a registration form. Subsequently, they respond to specific questions that categorize them into the appropriate group, streamlining the selection process.

At Trustee Media, we've simplified the hiring process using clever automation. Our friendly chatbots chat with candidates, collects info from their responses and social media, and create detailed candidate profiles fully automatically. What's more, we keep everything organized by setting up automatic databases on your servers. It's all about saving time and making hiring hassle-free, so you can easily connect with the right people. 

You can start and stop whenever you like. Our single contracts only last for one month, giving you the flexibility to make changes as needed without being tied down.
No strings attached, just social media success!

You didn't find an answer to your question? Click on the FAQs section in the top menu to explore more important questions and answers.


What Clients Say About Us

5.0 Total Rating

unnamed | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting
Anuilanche A Simit Sarayi

Representatief en professioneel. Heeft voldoende kennis is zijn vak! Staat altijd klaar om te helpen en om goed advies te geven.

Asset 5 1 | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting
Inez H. Inez Hair Salon

I fully recommend Kamil, he help me over The Phone (after his work houers) to set up chatbot. Thank You so much again. I will be definitely use your service again very soon 😊

andre | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting
André van Leent CEO

Wij zijn 1 jaar geleden met Trustee Media in contact gekomen door een vrij opvallende manier van marketing vanuit Trustee Media. Met deze opvallende werkwijze en vakkundigheid hebben wij nu onze volledige marketing en recruitment opgezet. De resultaten zijn bewezen goed te noemen. Kamil doet zijn opdracht met passie en is iedere keer in staat ons te verassen met een nieuwe campagne of werkwijze om een groot bereik te krijgen in onze recruitment campagnes. Wij zijn bijzonder tevreden in de samenwerking met Trustee Media.

1650637340846 | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting
Joanna Urbańska Recruitment trainer / coach -

We cooperated with Kamil on a training project for a team of recruiters. I was full of admiration for the work that Kamil does on a daily basis, namely the use of artificial intelligence in supporting recruitment processes with great success. I think I can safely say that Kamil is ahead of the trends and is constantly trying new things to achieve better and better results (...)

Tourist with dog in forest
Bart Amster Bams-personeel

I'm extremely pleased with Trustee Media's services. I tasked them with finding 35 employees for my German agro business client. The results exceeded my expectations. In just 4 days, I received over 100 CVs from potential candidates, giving us a vast selection. The entire process was highly professional, and Trustee Media's team demonstrated expertise in recruitment. Thanks to them, I quickly found the right candidates for my client. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking an efficient recruitment partner. We're very satisfied with our collaboration!

ania | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting
Angel's Curls by Ann Founder

Kamil is a person with great passion, knowledge and creativity! He showed me the right path and gave me a real motivating kick to take action! Professional at every stage of cooperation. He is unrivaled. I will definitely continue to work with him and recommend him to everyone! Kamil, once again - thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ​


Bringing Creativity Into Action

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