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Booking system

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Online reservation system for your business.

For all types of businesses. No more sticky notes, and chaotic emails. 

We create scheduling automation systems designed for teams, seamlessly integrating with various departments and external systems like Google, Microsoft etc. Our tool not only simplifies scheduling but also enables easy booking for a range of events like online sessions, video meetings, job interviews, beauty salon appointments, and more.

Ideal Niches


Marketing teams

Convert leads to online or offline meetings.

Customer services

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing a user-friendly online reservation system - for any type of business.

Recruitment / Interviews

Provides candidates with the flexibility to choose interview slots that align with their schedules, contributing to a positive candidate experience.

Beauty / Wellness

Streamlining administrative tasks, minimizing wait times, collecting client data, setting up reminders, implementing an SMS system, and enabling pre-payments, all through one program, is definitely an efficient approach

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Integrate the booking system with the most popular programs and apps.

Stick with what you love! Our booking system effortlessly syncs with popular programs like Google Apps, Office 365, and more. You can keep using Outlook and enjoy the benefits of seamless integration.


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Customer Satisfaction

Open Doors, Build Trust, and Simplify Processes.

The Power of Automated Booking for Your Business

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Booking app

Key Features

Booking calendar

Design your custom booking calendar and effortlessly distribute it across diverse platforms, be it your website, email communications, WhatsApp/Messenger/DM, and beyond.

Availability hours

Set your availability hours from any device. Easily update through your favorite programs and apps like Outlook, Office 365, or Google Calendar. Enjoy full control over your schedule anytime, anywhere.


In the 'Overview' section, you can effortlessly check all booked dates and the clients who made reservations. You can also see which dates are still available. Additionally, feel free to get in touch with your invitees.

Email Reminders

Reminders for both you and your clients, follow-up messages, login details, payment reqests and more. All from automatically.


Unlock 118 integration possibilities for our booking system. Seamlessly operate this tool from any of your favorite programs.

SMS Confirmation

Stand out from the competition with our SMS notification feature, adding a personalized touch to your booking system.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our system is perfect for clients looking to schedule one-on-one in-person meetings, group sessions, video conferences, and reservations with prepayment options. Regardless of the preference, the system is flexible and caters to diverse business needs.

Yes, you can easily modify or cancel all reservations through the online system. Just log in, access your booking, and follow the provided options to make any necessary changes.

The booking system is highly user-friendly, featuring intuitive interfaces for businesses to manage appointments and customers to make reservations effortlessly. Clear navigation and straightforward design contribute to a seamless experience.

Our company charges a one-time fee for system integration, followed by a monthly fee for data updates (if needed), and a licensing fee for the software unless you will choose free version.