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Recruitment process automation

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Our chatbots efficiently support recruitment processes by autonomously asking candidates questions, conducting pre-selections, filtering them, and generating dossiers. Moreover, they are integrated with databases, allowing comprehensive information management. Additionally, they enable automated messaging through Messenger, DMs, WhatsApp, and email marketing, streamlining communication with candidates.

Hire AI chatbot and
support your recruitment department.

Discover how Trustee Media uses chatbots in recruitment.


Chatbot Preselection Process

Asking Screening Questions:

The chatbot begins by asking candidates a series of screening questions tailored to the job requirements. These questions help filter out unsuitable candidates based on their qualifications, experience, and skills.

Analyzing Responses:

After collecting responses from candidates, the chatbot analyzes them against predefined criteria. It identifies key qualifications and disqualifiers to assess whether candidates meet the basic requirements for the position.

Scoring Candidates:

Based on the analysis of responses, the chatbot assigns scores to candidates, ranking them according to their suitability for the role. Candidates who meet the criteria move forward in the recruitment process, while those who do not are filtered out.

By automating these preselection steps, chatbots save time and resources for recruiters, allowing them to focus on evaluating the most promising candidates for further consideration.

Automatic candidate dossier

Chatbot Dossier Creation

The dossier is created automatically by the chatbot without any intervention from the recruiter. Depending on the information provided by the potential candidate, the dossier may include a photo, phone number, email, and marketing consents. Additionally, each dossier contains responses to the questions asked during the preselection process.

Integration with spreadsheet file

Integration with Excel File

Each new candidate is automatically added to the Excel database. Depending on recruiters' preferences, the candidate is added to the appropriate worksheet. For example, a candidate from the Netherlands who speaks Dutch may be added to one sheet, while a candidate from Poland without a permanent residence may be added to another.


Chatbot Follow-ups

Not every candidate may fit our preferences at the time of application. However, with their permission, we can store their information in accordance with GDPR regulations and send them marketing content based on their needs.

Interaction with candidates

Social Media Integration with Chatbot

The chatbot also responds to comments on Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, it sends out email marketing and messenger marketing campaigns.

Modern Interactive Menus

for Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp

Step up your customer service game by offering a range of options and support directly through the most popular messaging apps: Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. From today, these platforms become your new source for candidate acquisition!

We are official partner of Manychat systems

Why Choose Us

3 Main Benefits

Candidate Support 24/7

Did you know that if you don't respond to messages for example on Saturday evening people will reach out to another agency? Don't loos opportunity. Hire our chatbot.

Task Automation:

Do your recruiters manually respond to all messages on Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram?
So after the weekend, they might have a lot of work. But that can change. That is sad.
Our chatbot will handle their workload and conduct preliminary pre-selection. Your recruiter will receive all the necessary information about the candidate and will call the one who seems most valuable. Easy right?

Lead Generation

Automatic Screening, Candidate Evaluation, Recruiter Contact, Personalized Notifications. This is the chatbot strategy. This way, from a simple message, you'll get a valuable candidate for the job.


Power of our chatbot

Supported channels


Chatbot for Facebook post, reels, stories


Chatbot for Messenger

Instagram DM

Chatbot for Instagram Audience.


Chatbot WhatsApp 24/7 Automation

event marketing

Messenger Marketing for a group of interested people. One event marketing.


Email Marketing


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use a Trustee Media Chatbots? 

No, but it significantly assists by handling all tasks in the preselection process incl. creating a candidate dossier. 

Yes, it is! Our chatbot is always ready to assist you, day or night.

Absolutely! Our chatbot uses advanced algorithms to tailor recommendations to your specific needs.

Yes, it does! Our chatbot seamlessly integrates with various systems to ensure smooth communication and data management.