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Recruitment Agencies

- Recruitment Campaigns
- Finding 250 candidates per week
- Automation of the pre-selection processes
- Building automatic candidate dossiers
- Streamlining recruitment processes
Projekt bez nazwy

Simit Sarayi

Social Media channels for one of the biggest Turkish Restaurant Network - Simit Sarayi.
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Reset Point

Social Media, Website, Coaching Platform, Courses Platform, Website - All for "Reset Point" - Mental Coaching School.
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Audi Tires Service

Audi Service Garage
Social Media Recruitment Campaign + Graphics + Animations.
DJ console for mixing music with blurry people dancing at a nightclub party

Events / Clubs / Disco

Impreza-NL - Social Media Campaigns. Tickets systems, Automations, Email Marketing. Website, Tickets systems, Social Media Campaigns.
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Fulfilment company

Assembling Company from Naaldwijk Recruitment campaign - finding a sales manager. As a result, 15 experienced candidates within a week.
majaglamsytudio | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting

Maja Glam Studio

Beauty Studio from 's-Gravenzande
Website, Social Media Campaigns, Courses Platform, Booking platform, Email Marketing,
a.pngsfgaerg | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting

Crotchet hair academy

First Polish Crotchet hair
online academy on the world.

Website, Social Media Campaigns, Courses Platform, Booking platform, Email Marketing,
dsf.jpghadfh | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting

Hortibiz News Radio

Exhibition Welcome Animation.
Projemoulkt bez nazwy | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting

Moulding Company

Molding injection company
Websites + Graphics + Animations + Contact Form.
Projewrethwerthkt bez nazwy | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting

Techniek Recruitment Agency

Rapid Recruitment
- Social Media Recruitment Marketing - Animations
- Chatbots system
- Recruitment processes automation
- Automatic Database System
RET | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting

RET Rotterdam

Recruitment Campaign + Animations, + Graphics.
Projeksdgt bez nazwy | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting

Cirque du Soleil - Recruitment

Rapid Recruitment
- Social Media Recruitment Campaign - Graphics
- Chatbots system
- Recruitment processes automation


What Clients Say About Us

5.0 Total Rating

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Anuilanche A Simit Sarayi

Representatief en professioneel. Heeft voldoende kennis is zijn vak! Staat altijd klaar om te helpen en om goed advies te geven.

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Inez H. Inez Hair Salon

I fully recommend Kamil, he help me over The Phone (after his work houers) to set up chatbot. Thank You so much again. I will be definitely use your service again very soon 😊

andre | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting
André van Leent CEO

Wij zijn 1 jaar geleden met Trustee Media in contact gekomen door een vrij opvallende manier van marketing vanuit Trustee Media. Met deze opvallende werkwijze en vakkundigheid hebben wij nu onze volledige marketing en recruitment opgezet. De resultaten zijn bewezen goed te noemen. Kamil doet zijn opdracht met passie en is iedere keer in staat ons te verassen met een nieuwe campagne of werkwijze om een groot bereik te krijgen in onze recruitment campagnes. Wij zijn bijzonder tevreden in de samenwerking met Trustee Media.

1650637340846 | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting
Joanna Urbańska Recruitment trainer / coach -

We cooperated with Kamil on a training project for a team of recruiters. I was full of admiration for the work that Kamil does on a daily basis, namely the use of artificial intelligence in supporting recruitment processes with great success. I think I can safely say that Kamil is ahead of the trends and is constantly trying new things to achieve better and better results (...)

Tourist with dog in forest
Bart Amster Bams-personeel

I'm extremely pleased with Trustee Media's services. I tasked them with finding 35 employees for my German agro business client. The results exceeded my expectations. In just 4 days, I received over 100 CVs from potential candidates, giving us a vast selection. The entire process was highly professional, and Trustee Media's team demonstrated expertise in recruitment. Thanks to them, I quickly found the right candidates for my client. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking an efficient recruitment partner. We're very satisfied with our collaboration!

ania | Wervingcampagnes | Website |Voicebot |Chatbot |- recruiting
Angel's Curls by Ann Founder

Kamil is a person with great passion, knowledge and creativity! He showed me the right path and gave me a real motivating kick to take action! Professional at every stage of cooperation. He is unrivaled. I will definitely continue to work with him and recommend him to everyone! Kamil, once again - thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ​

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