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How to recruit temporary workers in 2024?

No hands for work? Or bad recruitment strategy...

The situation in the Dutch job market in 2024 isn’t positive for employers.

Currently, there are thousands of open job vacancies, while the number of available workers is decreasing.

How can employers compete for talent?

Here are a few key points regarding the job market in the Netherlands in 2024:

By implementing these strategies, employers can better navigate the challenges of the Dutch job market in 2024 and remain competitive in attracting and retaining top talent.

Looking for new business opportunities.

It might be time to rethink your recruitment strategy.

Many recruiters still rely on outdated methods for sourcing talent. Some recruiters still create free or paid ads on traditional job boards, passively waiting for results. 

In today’s fast world, simply posting a job ad and hoping for the best isn’t enough. To attract top talent, recruiters need to be proactive and strategic. This means leveraging the full potential of social media channels, engaging with potential candidates, and building a strong employer brand.

By adapting to the changing landscape of recruitment, companies can position themselves as attractive employers and stay ahead in the competitive talent market.

Modern tools that most employment
agencies don’t have. 

“The best way to avoid talent shortages is to proactively build relationships with the best talent before you need them.” – Dr John Sullivan

Recruitment is one of the fastest-evolving industries.

In just the last two years, the world has done a complete 180-degree turn, shifting from simple job postings to paid recruitment campaigns. If you don’t adapt your approach to modern recruitment today, you’ll be left behind by new trends. 

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